Hello, and thank you for stopping by Mom Mom’s Apron. I’m Dawn, a home cook from Chester County, Pennsylvania. I never expected anyone outside of my friends and family to discover this blog, so here is my attempt to answer some questions for those of you who don’t know me personally. Free free to contact me at AskMomMom@gmail.com

Why name my blog Mom Mom’s Apron? I always wear aprons, and my favorite is a yellow pineapple printed dish towel apron which belonged to my beloved grandmother, Mom Mom Dee Dee. Mom Mom was not much of a hostess or entertainer, but when I wear her apron, I feel her spirit with me. The apron (pictured in the blog masthead) is not pretty and has seen better days, but it is the one I still reach for the most. I think there is a metaphor somewhere in there.

Who was Mom Mom? My grandmother, Doris (Mom Mom Dee Dee to me), was a difficult woman. She was a difficult wife, she was a difficult mother, and she was a difficult mother-in-law. “Difficult” is the kindest yet most accurate word I can come up with. However, Mom Mom was also the best, most perfect grandmother I could have ever asked for. She was warm, witty, wise, creative, and generous. I loved her unconditionally and never focused on her flaws, and in return she called me Miss America and told me I was a genius. It was a nice arrangement, and I still miss her every single day. She died at 92, lottery tickets still in her purse.

Why am I doing this? For years, I have kept my favorite recipes in a binder so that my family could access them just in case I met an untimely end. I have decided to document my tried and true favorites (and maybe some occasional experimentation) on this blog. I like to think I have a knack for finding the very best recipes out of the millions available, and I will not waste your time with posting anything I won’t serve to my family or friends twice. For every recipe here, there are three I reject as not “good enough” to dirty Mom Mom’s apron.

Why isn’t there porn here? In your haste, you probably didn’t realize that you typed PRON and not PORN in your search for porn. Having the letters APRON for a wholesome apron (not for unwholesome porn) in my web address probably wasn’t my smartest decision, but please do feel free to stay a while and find a nice recipe. Everyone needs to eat!

Credits, Photos, Contact Info? Whenever possible, I will cite the source of the recipe I use, be it a cookbook, magazine, or another blog, and I will link that source directly. I would be honored if you shared my recipes, and I kindly request that you link them directly from this site. I would love to hear your feedback, positive or negative, and welcome your civilized opinions. All photographs are taken by me using my iPhone unless otherwise indicated.



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found you through our shared “shame” at The Bitten Word. 😉 I could have written your “Why am I doing this?” paragraph…it sounds just like my “why”. Except I haven’t done the binder yet. I’ve been thinking about it, though, because I find I am often printing my own recipes to make again. I’d save a lot of trees by having a binder version, too!

    Great to meet you!

    • Hello, my sister in junk drawer shame! Thanks for stopping by. Looks like you have some great recipes which I plan to try very soon!

      p.s. The really sad part, as I told my Facebook friends, is that the two drawers pictured weren’t even my worst junk drawer — the true junk drawer contains some very questionable items.

  2. i just watched a show with Lydia making ricotta meatloaf, the recipe you have in your blog. There are a couple of differences that might be significant and that you might wan to change. She bakes the meatloaf for a TOTAL of 1 12 hours. 45 minutes covered and 45 minutes uncovered. She also does it at 400 not 375. I don’t know if the temperature would make a big difference but the baking time sure would.

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