Product Review: Traders Point Creamery Whole Milk Yogurt

Any dummy knows you don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, but today I had no choice. I just spent a grueling two hours making butter with second graders for Pilgrim Day at school, and the one saltine cracker spread with germ-infested delicious homemade butter which I ate just wasn’t enough for me. I was starving and wanted to head home to refuel (and maybe nap) but I knew — oh, I knew — that each passing hour from here on out would be crazy with Thanksgiving Madness at the supermarkets. Shopping hungry was the lesser of two evils.

As we’ve established, I’m a sucker for packaging. Also, certain words really get me, too, words like “creamery” and “grass fed.” And a real glass bottle with a pink lid? Powerless. The rational part of my brain didn’t even care it was paying seven bucks for yogurt, because it was made from happy grass fed cows from a real creamery, see? Well played, marketers. You got me again.

But sometimes luck goes my way, because I really love this stuff. It is so fresh and creamy with just the perfect amount of yogurt tang and sweetness. I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can have some more! I bought the wildberry flavor today, and next time I plan on getting the plain because the website recommends sweetening it with…wait for it…maple syrup! My favorite sweetener! It’s like they know me!

Verdict: Pricy but worth every penny. Grass fed, people.


4 thoughts on “Product Review: Traders Point Creamery Whole Milk Yogurt

  1. Have to agree with everything you say. I say it has enough tang to remind you it’s a yogurt!

    The price is misleading – it’s good value when you consider it on a serving by serving basis.

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