Haiku for the Winter of Our Discontent

I have started and stopped so many posts this winter. Cooking has been a bust. My recipes these days are:

Doritos, preferably Buy 1, Get 1 Free

Open bag. Consume.

This has been a very tough winter for many, especially in my area of the world. I have always loved winter, I have always defended winter when no one else did, and now I feel angry and betrayed. Winter is no longer my friend.

As a long-time fan of the haiku (short poems with syllables in 5-7-5 format), I decided to take pen to paper finger to iPhone 5s and work out my angst via haiku. I present to you Haiku for the Winter of Our Discontent:

Where is my black car?
Help, someone has stolen it
Wait, it’s this white one

School cancelled again
Clever principals “rapping”
Farewell sanity

More snow means fun snacks
Cake, cookies, brownies, not fruit
Yoga pants only

My spirit broken
Nothing is going as planned
Like Sochi toilets

Milk, bread, butter, eggs
Darn, what am I forgetting
Martini olives

Foyer of chaos
Scattered boots, jackets, wet clothes
One lost glove weeping

Graveyard of tree limbs
Preserved in icy landscape
Like dinosaur bones

More snow in forecast
Is this December or March?
Must be a sick joke

Cruel Mother Nature
Why have you forsaken me?
My tears have frozen

Would love to hear any of your contributions in the comments section. Spring will come eventually, and I will cook again. Below are actual unPhotoshopped pictures of my house, lest you think I’m being melodramatic.




12 thoughts on “Haiku for the Winter of Our Discontent

  1. So true! I especially like your foyer of chaos line! Reminds me of our shoe rug! And did you notice that when the power was out, no snow pants, gloves, boots or hats actualy dried in our sub-zero homes?

  2. I think many people would agree with you. I should ask my son in Brooklyn to write one to share:). Here’s to a lovely spring that makes this winter nothing but a memory of snowdrifts, which aren’t so bad in retrospect.

  3. You and Ed have very different perspectives on winter!. He talks about the beautiful, silent snow. It is wonderful for his peace of mind, and with 3 boys, hey, they are happy out of school and skiing with their dad. BUT, I feel your pain (you and Catherine).

  4. Oh Dawn, I could not agree more! I just broke down and booked my trip to Arizona (though I don’t leave until early April!). I think I have a life-threatening Vitamin D deficiency!

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