So Long, Farewell…

This will be my last post on Mom Mom’s Apron. I have accomplished my mission of chronicling some of my favorite recipes as well as some of my life from mid-2011 to present, although there has not been much chronicling going on this year. You may have noticed this.

Life is hectic but good. Ed and the boys are doing well. We had a beautiful family trip to Germany and Switzerland in June, memories I will cherish until my days in the nursing home. As I’ve said many times on this blog, money spent on creating memories is the best money you will ever spend.

Work is also good, but it is probably responsible for my lack of blog upkeep. As a SAHM without much companionship, this blog filled a void in my life which my coworkers and clients now fill. Translation: I talk all day long. I almost can’t stand the sound of my own voice! I do a lot of communicating. When it comes to my downtime, I crave solitude, books, mindless tv.

I will keep up my archives so we can access all recipes posted. There may be a point in the future when I decide to blog again in a different direction, and I promise to let you know if that day comes. But for now, it is time to hang up Mom Mom’s Apron.

Thank you for listening to me when I needed someone to listen. Thank you for your encouraging comments. Thank you for the validation that I can cook AND write. Thank you for allowing me to share a little bit of myself and my family with you. It has meant more than you’ll ever know.





5 thoughts on “So Long, Farewell…

  1. Ahhh…..I was excited to see your blog post just now, and I’m sorry to hear that you’re saying “Goodbye”. I understand, though. I have enjoyed reading your blog, and I wish you all the best!

  2. Dawn, I will miss your beautifully written blogs but do understand. It’s survival time and you’re coming up to the holidays soon. You have to have your down time!!!

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