Ode to Downton Abbey


Are you a fan of Downton Abbey? I am a shameless lover of television and all things English. Needless to say, I can hardly contain myself that Downton Abbey Season 3 is starting in just two days, nine hours and thirty-two minutes here in the US (1/6/2013).

Confession: I “know a guy” and managed to watch the first episode of season 3 on my computer back when it first aired in the UK, but I just couldn’t continue watching it after that. A) I’m too much of a Girl Scout and don’t like to break the rules or cheat; B) It’s more fun having the communal experience of watching and discussing it with fellow US fans; C) If any show deserves to be watched on a large television screen, it’s Downton Abbey, and D) I don’t fancy myself one of those tiresome people who glibly reports she’s already viewed the whole entire season when her friends are super excited for the premiere.

If I wasn’t all partied out from November and December, I would throw together a little viewing party. For those of you inclined to do so, I highly recommend checking out Downton Abbey Cooks for authentic suggestions and interesting historical food facts. While I won’t be hosting a party, I am thinking of trying this recipe from BBC for Cock-a-leekie soup to get into the spirit of things. Plus, hello, cock-a-leekie soup! Who can resist chicken and leeks? What?

As I always say, the show is worth watching for the clothing and wallpaper alone. Yes, it is basically Masterpiece Theater’s version of a soap opera — cheesy, sometimes predictable and frequently overwrought, but immensely satisfying nonetheless. It makes my heart happy. And there is simply no one on television better than Dame Maggie Smith. She steals every single scene.

Cheers to my fellow Downton Abbey fans! I have a feeling there are many of you here.


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