Can we talk about my Vitamix?

The last time I made a smoothie, I smelled something burning. My poor cheapy blender, which never served me well even in its heyday, was finally dying. I wound up putting everything in the food processor, then washing two appliances and choking down a lumpy smoothie. So many things wrong with that sentence.

I have toyed with getting the Vitamix for a while, but it is just so much money for a blender. A dear friend with good connections was able to get me one for just under $300, so being the bargain loving gal I am, I found it hard to resist. Before long, I discovered that my fellow Vitamix devotees have a bit of a cultish and slightly Amway vibe to them, to which I say without shame, “Sign me up!” This machine is so amazing that I honestly feel like it will change my life.

I struggle with breakfast and always have. The idea of just dumping a bunch of healthy stuff in a blender and drinking it down is so, so appealing to me. In one fell swoop I can consume a serving of kale, blueberries, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw walnuts, and coconut milk. The Vitamix handles all of those ingredients beautifully, and I’m instantly left with a cold, purple beverage. Does it taste good? Well, it’s edible. I am still working on tweaking the flavor. But it’s definitely edible! (Can you see now why I never succeeded in sales?)

I have only had my Vitamix for three days, but I can tell you without a doubt, it was money well spent. Highly recommend.


15 thoughts on “Can we talk about my Vitamix?

  1. I like to add banana and orange to my smoothies. It helps add some sweetness. When my bananas start to turn, I chop them in thirds and freeze them, then it’s easy to add a chunk. I usually add a small orange as well. I think you will like the flavor better if you add something sweet.

    • Tess, I cut a banana in half and froze it, but when I went to put it in, I stopped myself. It just looked too big, and even though I know the Vitamix can probably handle it, there was that part of me that didn’t want to risk ruining my new toy on Day 3. I will try cutting it in thirds.

      I also froze some of Farmer Andrew’s watermelon, so I will be using that soon.

  2. I pray my blender dies soon. Unfortunately, because it is a terrible blender, it will probably live longer than I do.

    And anyway, despite the fact I would so love spend so much money on a blender, I am probably out of luck as we got a new roof instead. yeah me!

    • Very good idea, Emily! I have an abundance of Lemon Balm and was just reading about all of its uses and benefits, so I was thinking of adding that, too.

      I am finding the nuttiness of the flax, hemp and chia rather overpowering, and I need to tone that down somehow.

  3. Here is my go-to green smoothie recipe:

    Coconut water (great for pre or post workout because of what a great job it does of rehydrating)
    Handful each of frozen mango and pineapple
    As much raw spinach or kale as I can fit in my sad old blender
    A squeeze of lime
    2T of hemp protein

    A few variations:

    Replace mango and lime with frozen strawberry and kiwi, omit lime
    Replace pineapple with strawberry and add a mint leaf

    I want you to love your smoothies, not just tolerate them!

    • I had to read it three times to even notice it! Doesn’t matter, I still think you’re great.

      I will definitely try your version, Suzanne. Thanks for sharing. I need to resist the urge to stick every healthy thing I can think of in there just because I CAN.

  4. Eek! looking back, I see I was still using agave nectar and protein powder. Bleh. In addition to reducing the comical amount of greens, just use actual sweetener that hasn’t been processed to death and throw in a raw egg for protein. :O)

  5. I thought of you as I made my green smoothie today…frozen blueberries, a banana (on the edge if you know what I mean), spinach, yogurt, vanilla, a splash of cream, and I have to add ice, not much, but mine has to be really cold. (I know what you mean about going overboard adding all sorts of healthy stuff…I usually add ground up flax seeds (love using my grinder).

    Unfortunately, my kitchen aid (a higher end model but not the most expensive) appears to still be up to the task because I am green with envy over your vitamix. My next kitchen appliance is going to be a fancy programmable rice cooker.

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