Can we talk about my Vitamix?

The last time I made a smoothie, I smelled something burning. My poor cheapy blender, which never served me well even in its heyday, was finally dying. I wound up putting everything in the food processor, then washing two appliances and choking down a lumpy smoothie. So many things wrong with that sentence.

I have toyed with getting the Vitamix for a while, but it is just so much money for a blender. A dear friend with good connections was able to get me one for just under $300, so being the bargain loving gal I am, I found it hard to resist. Before long, I discovered that my fellow Vitamix devotees have a bit of a cultish and slightly Amway vibe to them, to which I say without shame, “Sign me up!” This machine is so amazing that I honestly feel like it will change my life.

I struggle with breakfast and always have. The idea of just dumping a bunch of healthy stuff in a blender and drinking it down is so, so appealing to me. In one fell swoop I can consume a serving of kale, blueberries, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, raw walnuts, and coconut milk. The Vitamix handles all of those ingredients beautifully, and I’m instantly left with a cold, purple beverage. Does it taste good? Well, it’s edible. I am still working on tweaking the flavor. But it’s definitely edible! (Can you see now why I never succeeded in sales?)

I have only had my Vitamix for three days, but I can tell you without a doubt, it was money well spent. Highly recommend.