Maille Collections les Jardins Secrets des Chefs

Springtime is upon us here in the northeastern United States, and it’s only natural our thoughts turn to love, flowers and…mustard! I was thrilled to learn of the newest gourmet mustard collection by Maille, a trio of garden inspired varieties:

  • Mustard with White Wine, Beet and a Hint of Honey
  • Mustard with Olives and Herbes de Provence
  • Mustard with Carrot and a Hint of Shallot

Maille was kind enough to send me this newest collection to review, and I was more than happy to oblige. Anyone who knows me knows I have a strange obsessive love very strong enthusiasm for Maille mustard. Visiting their mustard shop in Paris was one of the many unexpected pleasures of my trip, and I hoarded every last bit of their chablis mustard from the pump. Then I ferociously hounded every friend visiting Paris for the next few years, begging them to be my mustard mule to bring back another mustard from the pump. Come on, I said. It’s little. Just maybe triple bag it so it doesn’t break all over your luggage, okay? Every single one of them refused. Hmmph.

When Maille opened their New York City store (185 Columbus Avenue at 68th Street), I was overjoyed. Now I was allowed to order their mustard from the tap (legally!), as well as peruse their online shop for any special edition mustard.

The first thing I noticed is how beautifully the trio of mustard is packaged. If you, like me, have a few slightly challenging people to shop for, I propose this as a lovely little hostess or housewarming gift. Look at this gorgeous box!

Maille Spring Collection 2016 - Set - Pack Shot(1)

They are as delicious as they are beautiful The Maille website has all sorts of creative suggestions which I will share in a moment, but to be perfectly honest, our favorite thing to do with these is to concoct simple vinaigrettes and sauces or to spread directly onto cheese. They each have their own distinct complexity which is interesting  yet not overpowering.


Mustard with Carrot and a Hint of Shallot (my personal favorite): Slather on beef before roasting, spread atop of white fish, or swirl into soup. 

Mustard with Olives and Herbes de Provence: A perfect complement to roasted eggplant and cauliflower. Add a spoonful to a refreshing gazpacho, or smear atop grilled lamb chops.

Mustard with White Wine, Beet and a Hint of Honey: For entertaining, serve on crostini with creamy goat cheese and slivered almonds or with whipped ricotta and chopped pistachios. Use as a spread to elevate even a simple turkey sandwich.

If any of these mustards strike your fancy, bear in mind they are available for a limited time only. They can be purchased individually or as a set at the Maille store or ordered at until the end of August.