Product Review: Brad’s Raw Kale Chips

One Thursday morning a few weeks ago, I came across a display of Brad’s Raw Kale Chips. Chips, next to pizza, are my biggest dietary weakness. In fact, I rarely keep them in the house because they always lead to remorse. My poor children must suffer for their mother’s lack of self control.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Kale chips ARE NOT REAL CHIPS! Okay, I will give you that one, if we are defining real chips as salty and fat laden nutritionally-void goodness. The best part about kale chips (aside from the lack of self loathing brought on by consuming too many) is that they are made of kale. Have you heard how good kale is? Quite the superfood! You really should be eating kale.

I was intrigued by this product, although it was a bit pricey (just over $7.00) for a smallish bag. However, the idea of a healthy chip replacement was too good to pass up. As luck would have it, I had just passed the junk food aisle and stood there a bit too long contemplating the merits of Doritos versus potato chips. Brad’s Raw Chips seemed to be placed in front of my face at just the right moment, and I’ve never been one to ignore good shopping karma.

I started eating them in the car, proof that even healthy food isn’t immune from my bingey bad habits. The crunch was very satisfying. The flavor was good, although there was a slight aftertaste which diminished as you ate more. I bought the plain ones, and they were still quite flavorful. I look forward to trying the Nasty Hot and Vampire Killer kale chips, as well as some of their other chip varieties: red pepper, beet, sun dried tomato, sweet potato.

I have made my own kale chips before (recipe upon request) and while I really enjoyed them and they were pretty easy to make, they were also messy and time consuming. Thank you, Brad, for giving us a snack option that doesn’t lead to guilt and remorse.